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As we mentioned in the introduction to this article, fantasy sports isn’t technically a type of betting. There’s no direct wagering on the outcome of sports events in any way. However, it does often get referred to as a type of betting. We decided to cover it here because it involves putting our sports knowledge to the test AND because it forces us to risk money in exchange for the chance of winning money 토토사이트

OK, so what is fantasy sports all about then? Well, it involves drafting a fantasy team of real players, based on certain specified criteria, and then entering that team in a contest or league against teams drafted by others. Teams then earn points based on the how their drafted players perform in “real life.” In fantasy basketball, for example, a team will earn points when a player scores, assists, steals or blocks.
Fantasy sports have been around for many years, and they didn’t necessarily involve gambling at all. Groups of friends or colleagues would often have season long leagues where there was nothing at stake but pride. Many people still do this in fact, as there are still a number of websites that run free to enter fantasy leagues. These tend to also be run over entire seasons, and some may even give away prizes to the “owners” of the highest scoring teams.

Fantasy sports have revolutionized the way they do things in recent years. Online daily fantasy sports (DFS) has become incredibly popular. They work is pretty much the same way as traditional fantasy sports, but their contests are a lot shorter. Instead of being run over a whole season, they’re typically run over a single round of games. The gambling aspect comes in when you pay to enter a contest, for the chance of winning a percentage of the prize pool.

Several daily fantasy sports sites have opened up over the last few years, and some of the contests have hundreds of thousands of entrants. This means it’s possible to win large sums of money when playing DFS, often from a very small stake. There are many different types of contest, and most sites cover several sports. The sports listed below are by far the most common though.

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